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Blog Tour & Giveaway for Escaping Heartbreak by Regina Bartley

It’s time for Sawyer to start living her life. Since she was fifteen she has taken care of everyone but herself, including her older brother Dane. She has been lying to herself to keep from feeling the pain of her parent’s death. Now she is twenty and she’s ready to start a life of her own. Moving into her parent’s lake house would be the perfect escape. Wouldn’t it? That’s what she thought. Only, it led her right into the emotional place she’s been hiding from all this time. All of those years of running from her feelings, she now has to face them. It’s too much. She can’t deal with it alone. Someone has to help. She’ll do anything to escape the heartbreak, but you can only run so far. 

Travis can’t believe his eyes; his half-opened, blood shot eyes. Sawyer Evans was in the flesh and standing over him. He hadn’t seen this girl since he was ten years old. Travis only saw the Evan’s during the summer when they moved into the lake house. He and Dane were best friends. When Dane invited him and the old gang to a welcome back party at the Lake House, he couldn’t wait to go. It turns out getting wasted was only half the fun. Seeing Sawyer was the other half. She was the sexiest girl he’d ever seen and he was going to make sure that she knew it. Only she shot him down time and time again. He’s determined to break down those walls and get inside her head, but he’ll have to be sober to do it, and no matter how hard he tries, she’ll always run. He can’t keep chasing her. He has to figure out a way to make her stay.

It’s time to stop running, stop hiding, and start learning where the true escape lies. Everyone will face heartbreak, but not everyone will find love. 

Stand Alone Novel for ages 18+ due to graphic language, and sexual content.

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My Review

This is my first book by this author. I really enjoyed Escaping Heartbreak. It wasn’t one of my most favorite reads but it was definitely worth reading. The two lead characters, Travis and Sawyer, are very easy to like. Travis is patient and kind and is very much believes in family. While forced to grow up faster than what he should have he does not blame or regret having to care for his brother. He does what needs doing. He’s cared for Sawyer for a long time, even if he didn’t realize or admit to it until later in life.

Sawyer is emotionally scarred and is fearful of taking the chance of loving someone else. She also has had feelings for Travis for years. Due to certain incidences when they were younger she grew angry at Travis and was shocked and surprised to see him years later. They both are drawn to each other but neither truly wants to admit it.

The only big issues I had with Escaping Heartbreak was that the love between the two characters didn’t feel all the way natural, it almost felt forced. There wasn’t much chemistry between the two. There were also a few times that the characters seemed a little immature for their age. The age group was early to mid twenties but it sometimes felt I was reading about late teens. Other than these two things the book was wonderful. There was a side story that I am very interested in reading more about. The ending leaves you very anxious for more. I am looking forward to reading more from this author. Over all, I rate this book 4 wonderful stars!!




Regina lives in Kentucky and is currently releasing her third book. Her books include Chased and Challenged, both of The Graysen Pack Series, as well as her newest book Moonshine. Her true love is writing paranormal, but writing Moonshine made her discover a hidden love for Adult Contemporary Romance. She says that you can expect her to write a little in both worlds. 

She is married with two kids and when she is not writing she is reading and reading and reading. She loves her cat Jacob, who was named after her favorite werewolf. Go figure... If you put her in front of the T.V. she would most likely watch sports, unless The Vampire Diaries is on. Her favorite things are her family, books, football, chocolate, Bruno Mars, and well Bruno Mars, enough said. She loves to keep up with her fans and you can find her several places.

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