Thursday, March 13, 2014

Author Spotlight: O.L. Ramos

Author: O.L. Ramos, Paranormal Romance Author

Series: The Keeper Series

Book 4: Santuary release date March 14th

Publisher: Harrell Publishing

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Usually, when the good guys kill the big bad, the world is saved and it's happily ever after.

But that wasn't the case this time, or any time actually, not with Liz McBeth and her family of champions. With Klein dead, the threat seemed far away. But with Klein's death, the real menace appeared. The ArchDemons were the real masterminds behind the vampiric messiah movement, and they're not finished yet.

Luckily, the Earth hasn't run out of heroes just yet.



Trailer for The Keeper's Series 


Reading order:

The Keeper: Awakening (Book 1 - ALWAYS FREE )  

The Keeper: Revenge

The Keeper: Rebirth

The Keeper: Sanctuary





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