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Review and Giveaway for Nature's Destiny by Olivia Howe



My  life  was  changing,  morphing  into  something  greater  than  I  could  have  anticipated.  I  was becoming  something  I  didn’t  recognise  as  myself  anymore.  A  Werewolf.
I  was  different.
‘Hybrid’  was  what  they  called  me,  and  the  weight  that  rested  against  that  one  word  was crippling.  They  depended  on  me  to  bring  them  safety.  What  made  me  so  special?
Oh,  that’s  right.  My  destiny.
I  was  sucked  into  a  world  I’d  had  no  idea  existed.  Twenty-one  years  as  a  human,  and  this was  what  I  found  out.
My  travelling  plans,  my  writing  degree,  all  of  it  was  gone  within  one  night.  One  evil  night that  robbed  my  humanity.
I  wasn’t  completely  sour.  Life  had  been  unfair  a  while  ago,  only  now  I’d  had  something worth  fighting  for  besides  myself.  Something  to  live  for.
I  was  afraid  for  the  others.  I  couldn’t  let  them  down.  I  wouldn’t  let  them  down.
I’d  gone  to  bed  a  human  and  woken  up  a  Werewolf.
A  special  Werewolf.
A  Hybrid.

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In Nature’s Destiny Luna world gets turned upside down one night while on her way home from work. What she original thought was a scratch from a normal mugger was actually a bite from a werewolf. After that night strange things started happening; heightened senses, anger issues, she even started dreaming about a handsome mysterious man. Little did she know that the man of her dreams would become the man that forever alters her life.

Riley is the alpha male to his werewolf pack. It is up to him to keep his pack safe from any harm. Up until now life has been quiet and peaceful. All of that changes when he saw a vision of a girl being bitten and then turned into a werewolf. It is up to him to find her and show her the ways of the wolf. Little did he know that she was the white wolf of the prophecy he heard of from the Ancients. Together they must work towards protecting their pack while also discovering the passion they share for each other.

Although this book moved a little too fast for my liking Justine Winter has created a world of intrigue, passion, mystery, corruption, family, and friendship. The close bond that the residents of Nature’s Destiny hold for each other is astounding. The community is built on love, trust, friendship, and family.

I really enjoyed the story line of Destiny’s Nature. It flowed well and kept to the issues within the book. Questions were left unanswered, which leaves it open to next book in the series. I believe that this story definitely has potential and I am looking forward to reading more from Justine Winter. I rate this book 4 wonderful stars. 

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